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Texture tutorial Challenge #120 - Severalplums [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Several Plums - an Icon Challenge/Tutorial communi

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Texture tutorial Challenge #120 [Oct. 29th, 2011|03:51 am]
Several Plums - an Icon Challenge/Tutorial communi


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I was invited to do a tutorial for either or both of the texture sets I made for Challenge 120 and since I couldn't decide which texture set to make a tutorial for so I made one for both. In order not to spam this community, I'm only posting the tutorial for the first texture I made to this community. The other one can be found here at love_sacrificed.

Going from this image to this image for this set

This was made with Photoshop CS 5 using various filters and a hue/saturation layer. Most of these should be available in earlier versions of Photoshop.

General Notes:
• You should click on the images to get the gigantic image in it's original size (2048x1536 px).
• Strictly speaking, I used 3 layers for this. I ended up with a couple of more to make the snapshots for this tutorial. There's the base, a hue/saturation layer and then a merge layer on top on which I used the filters. Most of the time I just do whatever and see where it takes me when it comes to textures :)
• I love the preview option of PS. I know this existed in Photoshop CS3 already (and not in PS 7), but I can't say when it was introduced. It allows me to switch between different filters without leaving the menu and I love using that to randomly skip through the different filters (not all are available through the menu though) and test all kinds of filters before settling on one. Most of the time it's really going back and forth between different things and eventually shrugging and saying "I'll keep that" before I start the process all over again.
• For all kinds of filters I usually use one of two methods: 1) I use whatever settings the filter is on 2) I adjust the sliders/numbers back and force until I've settled somewhere between extreme or a slight change, until I find something more or less satisfying depending on my current mood.

Step 1:
In the very first step I player around with the colouring and used a hue/saturation layer to decrease the saturation.

I used these settings:
hue: +12
saturation: +38
brightness: +38


Step 2:
In a second step I first merged both layers to create a new one on top of the other two, using the key combination ctrl+shift+alt+e. After that I started playing with the filters.
The first filter I tried was Water Paper with these settings:
fiber length: 15
brightness: 60
contrast: 80


Step 3:
The next filter I randomly chose was ocean ripple with the following settings:
ripple size: 15
ripple magnitude: 16


Step 4:
Now I used a color halftone. I later on wished I had used this at a later point since filters I would have loved to use distored the dots too much, but I'm nonetheless really happy with this step. It showed me that if I wanted to keep this kind of pattern, I should use it as one of the last steps though.
My settings this time were:
max radius: 8
channel 1: 108
channel 2: 162
channel 3: 90
channel 4: 45


Step 5:
At this point I really went through all kinds of distortion filters to try and find something that moved the colours a bit without deforming the dots to much.
I used these settings:
amount: -4
ridges: 8
style: around center (I hope that's the correct translation)


Step 6:
In a last step I added some dimensions to the image by using the spherize filter, using these settings:
amount; 33%
mode: normal


This was the final image I used to randomly crop interesting parts from. I tried to be diverse with the colouring and effects visible for dots to refrain from being too boring or too crowded.


[User Picture]From: pensnest
2011-10-30 10:24 am (UTC)
I dunno, it's quite interesting to have the dots distorted, I think—certainly unusual. Thanks for entering—I love to see what kinds of textures other people come up with.
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[User Picture]From: immortalje
2011-10-30 04:04 pm (UTC)
I don't mind the way they were distorted here, but some of the filters turned the dots into dashes or longer (curved) lines and I wanted the dots to stay something resembling dots :D

It's always interesting to see what other people end up with :)
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