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an icon challenge with a tutorial twist

Several Plums - an Icon Challenge/Tutorial communi
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icon tutorial challenge

The idea of this community is to share ideas and techniques with other icon makers, by participation in a regular icon-making challenge. The winner of each challenge is required to post a tutorial demonstrating how the winning icon was created. In addition, Pensnest will usually invite another participant to post an 'invitation tutorial', or else the winner of a challenge will be able to choose which icon gets the invitation, and occasionally it'll be possible for anyone to request a tutorial of a specific icon.

Participants: bear in mind while you're making your icon that you may be asked to make a tutorial! Keep the unflattened file, and if necessary, make notes.

The subject matter will vary from week to week, and includes celebrities, nature, objects... and whatever else I can find that looks interesting. In general there is just one image posted for each challenge, and the source image is also posted with the entries in order to make it easy for voters to see what the icon-makers have done with it. Occasionally there is a multi-source challenge, which sometimes involves making textures rather than icons.

When entering a challenge, you may submit one or two icons (unless otherwise stated). Please post the image and url in comments.

When posting a tutorial, please begin by stating which graphics program was used to create the icon. Use as many or as few images as you wish. Please do not include a .psd (or equivalent) file, although a screencap of the layers palette is a good idea. Credit resource makers for any textures, brushes etc you have used. And give details! Not just what you did, but exactly how and, perhaps most importantly, why.

Thanks to krew_90 for the plums banner!